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PCB or printed circuit boards are among the best innovations for electronic parts. Copper tracks with glass fabricated plastic are what acts as wires to for the components to be attached. Holes are required to be drilled on the board to properly place the components onto the board. Soldering PCB is also needed for a firmer hold of the components. Before the introduction of PCBs, circuit boards are manually assembled with a limited scope. Now, printed circuit boards are the major component for the production of various electronic products such as computers, smart phones, tablet and any other gadget. PCB assembly are now automatically assembled through the various modern technologies of today.

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PCBWe are very dedicated in meeting all your quality prototype standards as your pure contentment is our number one concern. All our circuit boards are proven, tested and had meet all quality standardization for PCB prototypes. With our more than 18 years of experience, we have been the most reliable source of different electronic companies such as Intel, Whirlpool, Motorola, Ericsson, HP, Sony Electronics, and many others. We have been known as one of the most successful and innovative PCB suppliers providing customers with high standard, competitive pricing and on-time delivery services.

We have received numerous certifications for effectively turning out PCB orders to our valued customers. We are ITAR, CCR and ORCA registered, ISO certified and UL and WEEE approved. Our talented staffs had been fabricating printed circuit boards at our coastal facilities in Korea, Taiwan and mainland China. We will fabricate high quality circuit boards through our manufacturing partners in Asia to ensure your fulfillment with all our products. Regardless of the number of your orders, you’ll surely save a lot of money as we have been manufacturing PCB at a very affordable price you won’t get anywhere.

PCB Assembly

Many electronic companies prefer using printed circuit rather than manually assembled bread board. With printed circuit boards, components are more securely fixed. It is a simple electronic part to use since the board does not have any complicated wirings attached. It is also easy to maintain as all the components are easily identifiable. Short circuit occurrences are less likely to occur for it has been thoroughly checked for errors in a computerized manner. Copper tracks are directly embedded to the board thus, making it to have minimal chance of wrong wirings.

Here at pcbnet.com, it is assured that all our printed circuit boards are certified and safe to use hence, there are no further inspections needed for all our PCB products. Also, mass production of circuit board is cheaper since design printing and etching it in a copper board are only required in producing your PCBs. Reproduction of the board can be done any time with the same schematic layout for all are computer generated.

Automatically assembling printed circuit boards would be less time consuming compared to hand-assembled PCBs. These circuit boards would be more convenient for you since they have been carefully designed and maintained in a pristine condition. With pcbnet.com, we made your PCB product buying experience fast and simple. For small quantities PCB orders, we allot 5-6 days and production of 2-3 weeks. Once done, we will deliver your orders according to your needs.

Pcb fabrication

For your PCB fabrication, we have different options made available for you that are perfect for all your circuit board purposes. We provide flexible, rigid and multilayer PCBs. If you want to use metal circuit boards, we also provide Arlon, Nelco, aluminium core PCBS and many others.

When it comes to customer service, we’ve never failed all our valued customers. Our customers had been loyal to us for many years as we always gladly fulfill all their PCB orders. We will assure you that all our business transactions with your companies would be smooth and efficient. Also, we provide you larger and more complex PCB orders perfect for both enhancing your new business and saving your funds. With our most dedicated customer service staffs, all your needs and requirements are carefully and systematically fulfilled.

Here at pcbnet.com, we have been thoroughly designing and fabricating your printed circuit board orders to effectively meet all your expectations and requirements with PCBs. If ever you’re planning to order our premium quality PCB products, we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express as your mode of payment.