Different Ways How www.patches4less.com can customize Your Patches

embroidered patchesAnything customizable can be a fun experience to anyone. Making one of a kind item that only you can possess can give you a great sense of uniqueness. This also applies to custom patches.

Here at www.patches4less.com, we offer different customization options to give your patches a unique and personal touch. Each option may offer different advantages and disadvantages for specific use. Here is how.

Embroidery Options

One way to give your patches a customized look is through the embroidery type you choose. At www.patches4less.com, we offer 50%, 75%, and 100% embroidery for your patches.

In choosing the embroidery type, you have to consider two important things for your design: the thread and twill you are going to use. The twill forms the background of your patch while the thread outlines your design. These two materials matter if you are opting for a 50% or 75% embroidery type.

On 50% type, only half or less of the patch has embroidery. Likewise, more than half of the patch is covered on 75% embroidery. For these embroidery types, it is important that you choose the right color of the twill. The twill makes the background of the patch, which means it can be the most visible color of your design.

Patches with 100% embroidery totally cover the twill backing with thread. With this option, you would not have to worry about the twill color as it would not be exposed anymore. You only have to decide the thread colors you are going to use.

Patch Sizing and Shapes

custom patchesDifferent fabric items call for different sizes of patches. Whether you prefer smaller patches for your tote bags or larger patches for sportswear, our customization offers a wide variety of patch sizes for all your garment needs.

To determine the size of your patches, measure its length and width and add them together. Divide the sum to 2 and the result is the size of your patches. For example, the length measures 2” while the width is 4”. Add them together and you will get 6”. Divide it by 2 and the size of your patches will be 3”.

Meanwhile, the shape of your patches depends entirely on your design. Patches come in all shapes. Be it a simple company logo or a complicated artwork, the sky is the limit.

Backing Styles

Custom patches are traditionally sewed onto the garment. However, modern-day backing styles allow different ways to attach your patches on your fabric items without the need for sewing. And choosing your preferred backing style is possible in www.patches4less.com.

For instance, iron-on backing allows quick and easy installation of your embroidered patches. In this backing style, the patch is placed on the garment, covered with damp towel, and is ironed for 20-30 seconds. In addition, iron-on patches backing can also be great to hold the patch while it is being sewed onto a garment.

Another way to attach patches on fabric items is though tape backing. As the name suggests, the patch is taped on the garment for temporary applications. You can peel and stick the patch with this backing style.

Moreover, plastic backing can also be used to secure the patches while attached on the garments. In this style, a rigid plastic is placed at the back of your patches. This gives an extra support to the garment pieces, maintaining their shapes for longer use. This backing can be used on either sewed or ironed-on patches.

If you prefer not sewing or gluing your patches, then button loops can be your best bet. This style lets you hang your patches on buttons or lapel pins easily.

Lastly, Velcro backing is perfect if you need to remove and reattach your patches often. The Velcro is sewed on both the garment and at the back of the patch in this backing style.

Patch Borders

Choosing the right patch borders is also important to get the perfect patches you desire. Whether you prefer mirrored or hot cut borders, you can have your patches customized at www.patches4less.com.

Marrow, or also called mirrored borders, is the standard option for patch borders. In this option, a border of thread is stitched on the edge of the patch which creates a classic yet elegant look. Aside from adding sturdiness to the patch, it also creates a visual separation between the patch and the garment.

On the other hand, the hot cut border offers a clean and sharp edge for your patches. This border option is perfect for patches with custom shapes and intricate designs.

Thread Options

Aside from the customization options above, you also have the choice to use a standard or metallic thread. Deciding on the thread type to use can bring different results to your custom patches.

For instance, choosing the standard thread can give your patches a matte texture. This option offers a traditional custom patch look. On the other hand, metallic thread can be used sparingly for flashy and striking designs.

In addition, the ability to choose multiple colors for your patches let you customized even more. This customization feature is perfect for highly-detailed and multicolored designs.

Different customization can bring different feels to your embroidered patches. The more you customize, the more unique these patches get. And we at www.patches4less.com have more than enough options to do this.

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