Lanyard Utopia:

When one strolls down a busy lane in a city, one would see different people wearing different lengths of cloth around their necks. These lengths of cloths are called Lanyards. Lanyards are often used for keeping keys, electronic gadgets and identification cards or I.D. on a person safe. It can be placed around people’s necks, wrists, shoulders and even waists. Lanyards are hundreds of years old. In fact, it was first used by sailors who had to climb the ropes of their ships while bringing tools up as they go. This was dangerous particularly to strong winds which was why lanyards were invented to help them carry tools.

LanyardLanyards were used in the military as well for the safe keeping of whistles and guns. Before lanyards became a fashion statement, it was used to carry small knives for self-defense. This simple invention has been beneficial throughout the years and has helped millions of people in preventing the loss of their important items and even their life.It is also used in mountain climbing wherein it is called lineman lanyards because of its thickness and strength.

These days, instead of the military, lanyards serve a different part of society such as schools, companies and different organizations.It may be customized to fit any preferences the school, company or organization have. This is one of the purposes of

Nowadays there are numerous schools, companies and organizations each having different insignias, vision, and logo. Lanyards can be customized to represent these different organizations that allow them to be distinguished from one another. Some even use different lanyards within their organization to distinguish different personnel from each is the perfect online solution for this kind of job since it offers different options for lanyard customization. This site offers options in the lanyard’s attachment, material and imprint. Attachments are the hooks used to attach the lanyard to the items of the user, the material is the fabric used for the cloth of the lanyard and the imprint is the décor the company or customer wants to put on the lanyard.

The attachments offered by the website each have their own specialization. Clips such as the bulldog clip are often used for key cards since it provides a wider grip. On the other hand, hooks, such as the swivel j, oval and thumb hooks are used for identification cards (I.D.). A ring attachment is used for collective purposes such as an instance of having multiple keys while carabiners are often used for frequent removal of items in the lanyard. This is beneficial to security guards who often remove keys from their belts to unlock offices.

Different fabrics have different pros and cons in their nature. One of the options in fabrics given by is the well-known polyester fabric. This fabric is resistant to bleaching or fading and even has a low absorption rate which makes it an ideal material for lanyards. Another option given by the website is nylon since it is elastic, static and abrasion resistant, is non-absorbent and responds well to most cleaning methods. The site also offers woven fabric which is one of the oldest fibers used by man. This fabric is very easy to clean and is also very strong, elastic and resilient.

With 12 different attachments, 30+ color options, 6 different fabrics and the option to imprint one’s own style, offers the chance to create a truly unique and one of a kind lanyard for their customers. The website also offers free shipping within the United States on all lanyard orders. In fact, it also provides an option for a free quote on a lanyard design. The site seeks perfection by addressing the custom lanyard needs of their clients and by giving quality lanyards at an affordable price and in a quick manner.

Previous clientele from various companies and fields have even commented on how amazing the output given to them by the lanyard factory. This online lanyard site not only provides the option of customization but even the capability to produce lanyards in a short period of time. This website is truly a solution to schools, companies and organizations needs in terms of customized lanyards representing their respective identities.